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Electric Dirt Bike 6v Red with Training Wheels Toddler Police Cruiser 6 volt Ride on Toy
Our Price: $159.00
Our Price: $79.99
Electric Dirt Bike 6v Red with Training Wheels Toddler Police Cruiser 6 volt Ride on Toy
The Kalee Off Road Racer is sure to be a blast! Comes standard with rubber traction strips for silent operation and cruises at 4 MPH. There is a new cop on the beat!
MotoTec Wheelman V2 50cc Gas Skateboard Silver Mini Motos Red Hawk Motorcycle 12 Volt
Our Price: $209.99
Wheelman 50cc Gas Skateboard White Kids Mini Motos Red Hawk Motorcycle 12 Volt
Wheelman 50cc Gas Skateboard White
Tearing up the grass, sliding in the dirt, cruising the beach,
that's the G-Wheel life! Don't be the last on your block to own one!
Mini Motos Red Hawk Motorcycle 6 Volt
MotoTec 24v Electric Mini Dirt Bike 500w Monster Flashlight
Our Price: $399.00
Our Price: $14.95
MotoTec 24v Electric Dirt Bike 500w Green toy flashlights, Blue Headed Monster, Three Eyed Monster, Orange and Green Headed Monster, Yellow and Green Headed Monster
Hey dirt rider, you ready to kick it? Featuring speeds up to 20 mph and supercross styliní, this electric motorcycle from Mototec is geared to take on the big dogs. So grab the riser handlebars and feel the silky suspension. Twist the throttle and hear her purr.
Squeeze my handle and power me up to light your way.

Elite Toy Store is a specialty toy store committed to providing educational toys that challenge, stimulate, and encourage children to express their creativity. We believe in the Let's Move campaign and encourage kids to shut off the televison and video games and get outside and jump on Trampolines. Toddlers use playtime to explore and understand the world. Our toys for toddlers are made with their development and curiosity in mind. They're a great way to keep toddlers busy, have fun and for you to join in and share quality time with your grandchild! Ride-On Toys are the number one gift for the little ones. Don't think the kids will be the only ones outside riding - the Zike Scooters are the first hybrid scooter and bike in one outrageous product! Gas Scooters  are great for teenagers. Electric Scooters and Skateboards are top contenders for the 10 - 13 year olds. Play Houses and Teepees grab the attention of the 4 - 9 year old children. Rocking Chairs and Horses are passed down for generations, making them a gift that keeps on giving. Pedal cars and Trucks an old time favorite for adults and gets children excercising - without even knowing it.. We stock high-quality products, most shipped the same day, including toys to stimulate their brains with: Building Sets & Blocks (of course: build them and knocking them down). Calico Critters have been around for years and little girls and boys love the them - they never go out of style. Dolls and Doll Houses not the Barbie's but real wood houses and dolls without being materialistic, just fun! Thames and Kosmos Science Kits are quality science projects for homeschoolers and weekend projects. Arts and Crafts are neverending with most children and perfect for parties. Elite Toy Store is a family owned business and wants to make family night fun with Games and Puzzles. We support our teachers and parents by offering educational materials to keeps kids engaged. Classroom Jeopardy has won countless awards with the longest running game show in history. Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope every child needs one - just plug into you computer, anf take pictures for a science project. Luna Interactive Projection Camera, allows a book, picture or any document to be projected on a wall. EggSpert is the perfect and inexpensive way to help teachers have fun with games in the classroom. Need help with a child learning basic skills?  The Language Tutor is the best system on the market. Classroom Supplies are always in need and we have the top products. Math Manipulatives and Science Kits are going strong for at home and in the schools trying to bring up scores. Help children set a time to finish their homework with a Time Tracker, and much, much more. Elite Toy Store features Award Winning Toys, quite simply the very best in childrens toys for kids (and adults) of all ages. We welcome you to come explore and discover the wonderful world of educational toys at Elite Toy Store!

Weekly Super Deal!

Learning Tower with Playhouse Accessory Kit
Our Price: $249.99
Mercedes Benz 300Sl W198 6v Silver Car
Our Price: $339.00
Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 12V Kids Ride On
Our Price: $539.00

New Products

Pink Dragon Scooter Duo 6v Ride-On- Shipping Inclu
Our Price: $229.00
Calico Critters Sandy Cat Kitten Twins
Our Price: $11.95
Calico Critters Caravan Trailer
Our Price: $79.95
Calico Critters - Seaside Cruiser Houseboat
Our Price: $89.95
Calico Critters Ellwoods Elephant Family
Our Price: $11.95

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