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 "I have an authistic son who uses melissa & doug puzzles, as part of his therapy sessions we've tried many puzzles, but not many seemed to catch his attention until melissa & doug puzzles were introduced to him. I am so glad and greatful for these puzzles and so grateful for the progress my son is making! I love the website and the affordable prices as well. My son and I thank you from the bottom of hearts!"
I. Ortiz, Brooklyn, NY
"I made a mistake in entering the delivery address. Your customer service people caught it, called me and made all the arrangements to still get the package to my granddaughter before her birthday. I was very pleased with yur attentive service."
G. Hayes, Brooklyn, NY
"I just wanted to let you know that I was extremely impressed with the packaging that my daughter's Calico Critters came with. It was worthy of one of the best wrapped presents I have ever seen. I felt like I was opening a gift from a dear friend because of the care that was taken in packaging. The tissue paper oh-so-carefully wrapped around her critters was priceless. Because of this, I will be sure to buy more Calico Critters from you all. Thank you so much for doing such a great job with packaging. And the calender was a great touch, too cute!"

L. Pierce, Raleigh, NC

 "I'm a loyal EliteToyStore.com customer. They always get my order right and they package everything just great!"

C Dion, Canada

 "My grandson is crazy about puppets. I purchased several from EliteToyStore.com for his birthday. He was so excited about the realism and lifelike that they were. It was wonderful to see him so excited about toys."

J. Irving, Antonio, TX

 "I needed my Classroom Jeopardy! next day and EliteToyStore.com came to the rescue.  The tech emailed me the software and I had my game ready before the Classroom Jeopardy arrived.  You made me look great in front of my boss. Can't thank you enough!!

J. Waltner, Dallas, TX
"First time user, but very happy with product and efficiency of personnel."

F. Engberson, Greene, NY
"My granddaughter is very excited when a new stuffed boxer arrives. She carries it all day. This is great for an out-of-state grandmother who is a bit out of the loop as to gifts."

N. Harness, Gilbert, AZ

 "My family and I love going on your site and seeing all the new kids ride-on cars you have. We have loved every purchase we have made from you. Thank you for such a great place to find unique ride-on cars."

A. Oliver, Elizabethton, TN

 "Love the fast shipment and the prices. Going to order another calico critter from EliteToyStore.com."

C. Jackson, Toledo, OH  

"my grandson will be thrilled for xmas - he loves your puzzles - plays with them at afterschool program - your products are perfect."
D. Whitter NY, NY
"I found EliteToyStore.com to be very helpful. The customer service rep, "Karen" made sure my order arrived on time - thank you.
V. Windom, Melrose, NM
"Shopping at EliteToyStore.com is fun. I was surprised and pleased with the attention to personal service that is so rare now. The toys are quality. The selection is great."

B. Leigh, Anchorage, AK

 "I was very pleased with the Ferrari ride-on car I purchased and my son LOVES it!!"

E. Glennie, Tyrone, NM

 "I was able to find everything I wanted and if something was out of stock, they helped me find a replacement."

J. Boratko, Johnstown, PA

 "Thank you for the tech support on my Classroom Jeopardy, I had my game ready just in the nick of time!"

S. Griffin, Westchester, NY

 "EliteToyStore.com is very good quality and good delivery time. I have not yet purchased any item I was not completely satisfied with."

B.Borovicka, Republic, MO

 "My infant son was very attached to his plush teddy bear. I looked everywhere for the best deal on them to buy a few more. EliteToyStore.com had the best deal on this particular bear, and they put a lot of thought and care into their packaging. I will definitely purchase from EliteToyStore.com again."

J. Holle, Avoca, NE

 "EliteToyStore.com has been a great site for me. I recently purchased many, many of their Calico Critters. It was a gift from my grand daughter, Olivia, who had lived in the Midwest. With EliteToyStore.com's already low prices, and excellent service, I was able to send a lovely gift, at an affordable price!"

P. Lewis, Mylo, ND

 "This was my first time ordering from EliteToyStore.com so I was a little concerned nervous but much to my surprise they were prompt polite accurate packaging and quality was great - everything went well!!!"

M. Cardoza, Columbia, TN

 "I love shopping at StuffedAnimals.com because I can easily find what I'm looking for, e.g. by the categories. There is a great selection... plus great prices!!"

M. Halzack, Ansonia, CT

 "Our company was in need of a Quiz Bowl System to ship in a hurry. No problem! We were informed when it shipped and what was not available. I call everything involved with our first order EXCELLENT!."

C. Lockhart, Richlands, VA

 "I live in a small town, therefore it is very difficult to find some items, as there are very few stores in our area. My seven year old son wanted a dragon puppet for Christmas, I looked at every store in our area, and couldn't find one. I thought I would try the internet, and the search engine I used directed me to your site. I found the perfect puppet, and Christmas was saved. Thank you very much."

J. Goodwin,, Whiteemore, IA

 "I have only used EliteToyStore.com once, but I was very impressed with all aspects of the transaction from the taking of the order to the quick delivery to the prices and the quality. I will definitely use them again."

O. Cohen, Freehold, NJ
"I have used EliteToyStore.com several times for our quarterly team meeting awards. I have had a great experience each time. The company is very customer oriented and their products are high quality. I will certainly use them again in the near future."

D Poliseno, Charlotte, NC
"I was looking for specific puppets for a play. One was not in the catalogue on line but the very pleasant woman on the phone listened carefully to what I was looking for and found the animals for me anyway and it was at my home the next day. When it arrived it was exactly as she had described it. Amazing!!!! Thank you, my puppet show was a success again and again."

K Nugent, Denver, CO

 "EliteToyStore.com - A1 service! Thank you very, very much!"

D. Shapiro, Canton, OH
"Whenever I need something special with an extra bit of personality for a little kid or a big kid, this site is the best!"

M. Khan, Richmond, VA
"I recently purchased a few furniture pieces for my daughter's birthday and I was very impressed with the amount of quality furniture offered. My order shipped promptly and was delivered exactly when I was told to expect it. The website was easy to navigate and offers such a great variety of hard to products. I will return to EliteToyStore.com to make future purchases and recommend it to others."

H. Albertson, Coatesville, PA

 "I thoroughly enjoyed EliteToyStore.com, it had exactly what I was looking for at a great price! I always recommend EliteToyStore.com to my friends and family. Quality products at great prices!"

C. Kostis, Seattle, WA

 "I was very impressed by the variety of Classroom Jeopardy games available. The delivery time was about 3 days. Very impressive."

B. Fatziner, Los Angeles, CA
"A very large selection of products and very reasonable pricing will bring me back to EliteToyStore.com again and again."

B. Basfo, Baltimore, MD

 "I love how easy it is to find what I am looking for on EliteToyStore.com. The discounted prices are great. As I stay at home mom of two girls saving money is very important to me. I will shop EliteToyStore.com for all of my homeschool needs."

J. Miller, Detroit, MI

"Outstanding service and excellent selection at a great price. Highly recommend shopping at this site."

M. Weiner, NY, NY

 "This was my first time ordering classroom games online. Was extremely pleased with the very fast delivery. The games are great and will be well received at my church's fundraiser."

A. Pickerington, Redding, PA

 "The variety at EliteToyStore.com is amazing. They prove that stuffed animals don't have to walk, talk or dance to be fun! I have bought many as presents for kids and adults alike, and couldn't be more pleased with EliteToyStore.com prices and service. Thank You!"

J Kullen, Plymouth, OH

 "EliteToyStore.com is the only site I've been able to find the Classroom Jeopardy! with the team remotes (which I purchased), as well as reward ribbons and medallions. EliteToyStore.com has very good customer service and an excellent selection of wonderful teacher items. I am a very satisfied customer."

J Edwards, Calgary, AB, Canada

 "I felt the quality of the product I purchased was as good if not better than described."

O Peterson, Paradise, CA
"My experience with EliteToyStore.com was excellent and I would recommend them to everyone."

H. Miller, Kansas City, MO
"Great selection of items for children's theatre."

S. Whitley, Charlotte, NC

 "So far this is the best Giraffe we have found and since it will be for a new grandbaby seems really safe."

J, McGraw, Vero Beach, FL

 "Lots of choices to pick from and fast shipping. "

K. Salas, Dallas, TX

 "I was looking for a very specific toy box. EliteToyStore.com had the toy box I needed at the best price anywhere! Easy ordering was a bonus, too. I'll use them again in the future."

K. Albanes, Sacramento, CA

"I was so surprised to receive my order in only three days.  My daughter's new teddy bear is her "baby" and she is thrilled.  This stuffed animal is high quality and was very well-priced.  I look forward to doing business with your company in the future.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!! "

E. Buchanan
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